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The Process - Finally A Process You Can Understand


Step 1- Analysis


The critical first step to rebuilding your credit is to obtain a recent copy of your credit report from the 3 major credit reporting agencies. Our Credit Education Consultants will conduct a professional analysis of your 3-bureau credit report and identify any negative information that may be contained in your report and affecting your credit score. You will need to provide us a government issued photo ID, a document displaying your social security number, and proof of your current address


Step 2 - Correction


We will interact with your creditors to make sure that the information they are reporting to the credit bureaus is accurate, verifiable, and relevant. Our highly trained staff knows the industry and how to use the laws to protect you. Laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act that was established to promote the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of your information and gives you the right to challenge any misinformation that may be contained in your credit report.

By using powerful laws like these our staff will prepare the proper documents to ensure that these inaccurate, obsolete, or unverifiable negative items are corrected and you can start reestablishing a stronger financial profile.


We take care of the entire process, so that you can focus on more important things in your life. But you will have 24/7 access to the entire process through your custom credit portal. You can see everything from what items are being disputed to what items have been deleted or updated.











Step 3 - Education


Here at Priority Financial Solutions we truly believe that education truly changes situations and we do not want to just provide you with an improved credit profile. Our commitment is to teach you the necessary skills and establish habits that help you avoid future financial pitfalls. We will teach you how to:


> Establish Credit Building Strategies to reach your financial goals.

> Increase your buying power as a consumer.

> Leverage your improved credit rating to build long term wealth and much more.


The key to our success is all in our approach. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure that we bring financial certainty back into your life.

We have helped our clients with:

> Bankruptcies

> Foreclosures

> Tax Liens

> Collections

> Charge-offs

> Reposessions

> Inquries

> Judgments

> Late Payments

> And More

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