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Our Services

Our clients are our spark and driving force.  Each is as unique and dynamic as the issues they face day to day. Because your ambition is our motivation, our satisfaction comes from providing the solutions you need to succeed.  From the single mom working to purchase her first home to the business owner looking to secure funds to launch their vision, our team will provide the education and support you need to reach new heights.

Financial Education

At Priority Financial Solutions, we want to be the Financial Life Educator for our clients. We help you clarify your financial goals and feelings around money, develop a wealth building plan that aligns with your goals and address any pending life changes that could affect your financial future.  


Our uniquely integrated platform focuses on behaviors. Real behaviors. Far beyond a user’s academic understanding of a financial subject (say, budgets or 401K plans) to the outcomes resulting from that increased understanding (whether or not the user actually employs a budget or enrolls in a 401K).


All PFS clients receive:


    > A holistic, personal approach: You will have a team of advisors and customer support

       specialists who will all know who you are and be able to help you with what you need.


    > A psychometric test of your personal financial risk tolerance: Your lead advisor will

       help you reconcile potential differences between your tolerance for risk and the actual

       risk that you may need to take to achieve your goals.


Our objective is to tap into each client's root so that we may provide the education, support, resources and solutions needed to propel exponential growth.  Through the knowledge extended through our team and service providers, we tackle the root of each clients' struggles and identify objectives to customize the best solution for growth.  Let's create the roadmap to your success!



Real Estate

It’s hard to put down the laptop and imagine searching for a home without the internet. In today’s world everything is connected. From viewing homes for sale to getting basic information about the home selling process, we are constantly online looking for ways to achieve our real estate goals.


Priority Financial Solution's mission is to connect you with the best service possible, i.e. a new breed of real estate. Throw out the traditional sales pitch you find across many real estate companies and get a feel for the market on your own time, so you can make a strong decision yourself.


Our job is to transform a process that is often complex and confusing and to make it feel straightforward and satisfying. We’ll take the time to help you make the best possible choices, in your own self-interest, at every step of the journey.


We achieve measurable results for owners, investors and tenants reflects years of experience and the knowledge and skill that accompanies it. Equally important is our approach to doing business. We are attentive and responsive, assuring that the potential of each property is fully maximized.


Real estate doesn’t need to be a bunch of empty promises. Let us connect your dreams to something real.





Credit Education

Credit is essentially your reputation as a borrower and it tells others how likely you are to repay your loans. As more decisions in today's economy are based on credit, it has become an area of our life that is of utmost importance and requires our attention.


Without good credit, it is difficult to obtain life's necessities, even secure employment. Because of this, more and more people are stuck in sub-par situations that they have no hope of coming out of. 


Our holistic approach helps participants fix their money issues, which in turn fixes credit issues.  Instead of the score being our sole focus, we put together a plan using financial wellness principles to keep the credit at optimal levels.


Our Holistic Credit Education Program Benefits Our Clients With:


> Optimized Credit

> Personalized Options

> Access to case status and updates 24/7
> Correcting Past financial problems
> Questionable collections, late payments.
> Old debts you want to pay and settle

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