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Terms & Conditions

Pay What You Can Campaign

This Agreement is specifically incorporated herein by reference. That, combined with the following Terms & Conditions, forms a mutual agreement between: Priority Financial Solutions, Inc. (PFS, Inc.) and you, the customer. The agreement shall be effective once accepted by PFS, Inc., at its headquarters.

You are in agreement with the following:

  1. Customer is of legal age in the state or country in which he/she is a resident of.

  2. Customer understands that there is no income opportunity tied to the purchase of any of the products and services provided by PFS, Inc. or its current vendors and does not expect any type of compensation from the referral of other customers or prospective PFS, Inc. Affiliates.

  3. Customer understands that in order to become part of the income opportunity offered by PFS, Inc., they must agree to the terms and conditions of an Affiliate and upgrade to be eligible to earn commissions.

  4. Customer understands that there are no guarantees of successful results from the purchase of any PFS, Inc. products and/or services.

  5. By agreeing to the purchase of Priority Credit (Pay What You Can) service, you understand that you will be charged an initial one-time fee of either $5, $20, $50, or $99 depending on your selection and Two (2) additional payments billed in 30 day increments at the same initial rate. There is no contract and you can choose to cancel the service at any time. There are also no fees for cancellation since there is not contract commitment. You can cancel this service by contacting our customer service department at (678) 562-1900 or emailing

  6. Priority Credit, includes (1) a Financial Education Wealth Guide (2) Debt Elimination Software (3) Online Budgeting Tool and (4) Complimentary Credit Education which includes document services that will assist in challenging any derogatory, erroneous, or obsolete items that appear on your credit report.

  7. PFS, Inc. customers have a 5 day refund period after each monthly charge. If you cancel your services, you will lose access to all services mentioned above. The same result will take place if we are not able to successfully bill you as well. In order to maintain service and support, you must be successfully billed monthly.

  8. After successful completion of your initial purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the services included with Priority Credit.


PRIVACY POLICY: Your contact information will never be shared with any third party that isn’t working directly with Priority Financial Solutions, Inc. Your information will never be rented or sold to anyone EVER.


FTC DISCLOSURE: Any success claims shared by PFS, Inc. Affiliates and/or other PFS, Inc. clients are understood to be true and accurate, but are not verified in any way. Use your own discretion in these instances. PFS, Inc. will not be held liable for any claims of enticement or manipulation by any PFS, Inc. Affiliates.


Any products, programs, or personal recommendations made in this or any email communication from Priority Financial Solutions, Inc. for 3rd parties will likely result in some form of compensation from said 3rd party.


Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgment when making buying decisions and investments in your business or for yourself personally.


Products and Services Consent with PFS, Inc.: This statement asks for your consent so that we can provide communications and information to you in an electronic format rather than in paper format. Before you decide whether or not you wish to provide your consent to receiving electronic disclosures, you should read and consider the following information. This statement contains important information that we are required by law to provide to you. You should keep a copy for your records. If you have any questions about E-disclosures that are not answered, feel free to communicate with us using any of the following contacts:

  • Call us (678) 562 - 1900,

  • Email at,

  • Send us a letter via U.S. mail to: Priority Financial Solutions, Inc. , 4002 Hwy 78 STE 530, Snellville GA 30039


If you write us a letter, please be sure to identify yourself and the applicable type of accounts.
Your consent is voluntary, but we cannot process your application or set-up a loan for with our partner if you do not consent. If you are unwilling to receive these disclosures and notices electronically, you may cancel this transaction at no cost. If you consent, we may also provide other disclosures in an electronic format. These disclosures may include but are not limited to the following:

  • All legal and regulatory disclosures and communications associated with your account;

  • Applications and agreements for loan products or services; • Account terms and conditions;

  • Account statements;

  • Notice of change in account terms;

  • Notice of fee changes;

  • Responses to any questions you may have about electronic funds & transfers;

  • Privacy and security notices.


DISCLAIMER: Concepts and strategies shared in this and any email communication from Priority Financial Solutions, Inc. are ideas that have worked for other PFS, Inc. customers and PFS, Inc. Affiliates. They are not specific advice for your business and/or life. Always use your own judgment and/or get the advice of professionals to find the right strategies for your business and your particular situation. Your results following the advice and tools provided may vary.


REFUND POLICY: All customers have a 10-day period to cancel for a FULL refund of the products or services purchased. The customer will be responsible for paying for return shipping if the product has to be mailed back. Upon receipt, the purchase amount will be refunded in full assuming the product has not been used and is still in new condition. If there is no shipping involved because you purchased a service or digital product, the FULL refund will be granted if within this 10-day period.







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