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Proven Effective Client Referral System

Increases Your Monthly Sales


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What We Do For Your Clients

As a Referral Partner, we offer you  trusted  and professional expertise so you can stay focused on what you do best. Fuel your success with powerful business enabling resources, benefits, expertise, and people. We have common prospects, similar marketing needs, and  complimentary services; so why not leverage our resources to help your customers meet their goals?  After all, when they succeed, we all succeed.

We believe that clients with poor credit are often overlooked. Their names go into a "dead" file and soon forgotten. This might be the worst sales mistake you can possibly make. As a Referral  Partner  we  offer  you trusted  and professional expertise so you can stay focused on what you  do best.  This partnership is designed for partners to use Priority Financial Solutions as a sales and consulting team member to win and implement new opportunities. As a partner, you will receive a referral fee from Priority Financial Solutions for any referred business that becomes a customer. 



The PFS Compensation Plan is comprised of three primary sections that work in unison and rewards you and your associates with valuable incentives and diversifies your business with additional revenue sources. This plan is designed to pay as you begin, as you grow, and as you mature your business. Each of the three sections contain complementary financial rewards. Together this creates a simple, rewarding plan that can provide you with multiple streams of income while growing your business.

> Increase your company's book of business
> Track progress of your credit challenged clients
> Marketing your business through A.C.E.
(Internet-based proprietary software)
> Capability of monitoring client status
> New client conversion of at least 35%
> Notification of client completion of program
> Serve as Trusted Credit Advisors



My husband and I had an income drop. To maintain our living expenses, we slowly racked up debt on our credit cards and they ballooned up to $180K. Today, the $180K debt that was hanging on our shoulders is now gone. With the financial education received, we have a better understanding on how to manage our finances. Instead of depending on credit cards for emergency needs, we created an emergency savings account for rainy days. Not only did PFS help eliminate our debt, they also provided education and guidance for us to never get back into the endless cycle again.

Teresa D

When I enrolled into Priority Financial Solutions program, their specialist helped me understand the program, explained the process clearly and how long it would take. Within six months, they were able to get me back on a positive financial track. They not only rescued my properties, but preserved my wealth. Today, my financial stress level has significantly lowered. I can now focus on my job to build future wealth with a positive future outlook.

John C.

I have been using the team at PFS and they have helped me assist countless home buyers achieve the dream of Home Ownership. Most of these clients never thought they could own a home. The knowledge that PFS services provides and their communication with me and my clients has proven to be instrumental in the approval process. I highly recommend PFS to anyone who personally or professionally can benefit from a credit consulting company.

Tim A.

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There is UNLIMITED income potential with our Client Referral Program and this is not including the additional revenue you will receive when these clients come back to you to complete their purchase





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